I couldn’t imagine my first birth experience without her. She brought a sweet attitude and calming presence to both my husband and I throughout our labor and delivery at home. Her recommendations for coping through each contraction was exactly what I needed and her constant reassurance that I was capable of enduring each contraction were so helpful. I don’t have enough words for our appreciation of Chelsy as our doula!!
Lauren C.

Chelsy is an amazing postpartum doula

She is warm, professional, and knowledgeable. She did a fabulous job caring for my baby and two older children while I got some rest. She is very competent and calm and is experienced with children. She is one of the very few people I trust to watch all three of my children at the same time. She took care of some housework and food preparation and definitely lightened my load. My toddlers loved spending time with her and asked for her to come back!
Sharisa A.

I had such a fantastic experience with Chelsy as my doula!!

There are endless good things to say about her. She is kind and compassionate and I never felt like she was judging me. This was so important at such a vulnerable time. She was so knowledgeable – always ready with an evidence based answer to my questions. She’s a lifelong learner, always ready to do research where needed to help the experience of her clients. She has children of her own and I always felt like she could relate to the ups and downs of childbirth and parenting. During birth, Chelsy was a source of calm – providing options of ways to relax at such a difficult time. She has many tricks up her sleeve – including massage, hip squeeze, and pressure points. She was there to tell me I could do it when I really believed I could not. She was an advocate for me and encouraged me to have the labor plan I wanted. She worked seamlessly with my partner to support me every step of the way. I could not have done it without her!
Stephanie C.

Chelsy was so wonderful, and I’m so grateful for her

I can assuredly proclaim now after two babies that the newborn phase is far from my favorite. I feel helpless, exhausted, and out-of-control. I struggle with the vacillating emotions, the lack of sleep, and the constant feeling like I’m falling behind. To top it off, I’m miserable at accepting help. Even with the loving support of my family, I need someone to help me pick up the pieces emotionally and physically. I needed someone to lean on that predicted exactly what I needed and was helping me even if I wasn’t ready to ask anyone else. My family is so comfortable with her, and her calming and gentle presence is exactly what I needed. She gracefully came in helped with my toddler, helped with my baby, helped with my home, and helped me find balance with life with two children, and she encouraged me in directions I needed to go. I highly recommend reaching out. She is the postpartum support we all need and deserve.
Erin G.

I cannot say enough great things about having Chelsy as my Doula

This was my first birth and deciding to go natural in our home she offered endless support. Her knowledge on how to help encourage my baby into the right position with different labor positions and calming presence was amazing! She offered continued support before, during and after birth. I highly recommend if you are looking for a doula!
Morgan H.

Chelsy is awesome!!!

We had Chelsy as our postpartum doula for 2 weeks after birth of my first baby boy. I had no clue what to do with a newborn baby and needed some help. Chelsy was such an amazing help! She helped me to build up my confidence with the baby. She taught me and my husband all the newborn basics. I could get extra sleep while she was with the baby:) Also Chelsy helped around the house with food prep and laundry. I cannot imagine what I would do without her help. It was great to have someone I was comfortable around and could trust. Highly recommended!
Julia B.

If you are on the fence about hiring a Doula for your labor and delivery or for postpartum services, I highly recommend Chelsy!

Things can change pretty quickly in the delivery room. Having a professional with you who is there as your advocate, is experienced, knowledgeable, and provides a calm and stable presence can help you to make clear and informed decisions about your delivery, and help you feel more powerful and in control of your birth experience.

I had not originally considered hiring a doula, as I thought my husband and family would be able to provide enough physical and emotional support. But when I found out a week before my due date that my labor would need to be induced, I thought yikes! I’m going to need some additional support! Being pregnant at 40, I had watched many of my
friends struggle with challenging deliveries. In a way, I ‘knew too much’ about both the physical and emotional challenges involved. But with Chelsey’s nurtured guidance, I was able to reach my goal: having the most natural medically induced labor and delivery possible, utilizing wonderful techniques for relaxation and pain management, so that my labor progressed beautifully and I was able to deliver our baby girl vaginally as I had hoped.

What began as something I feared became a wonderfully meditative and empowering experience. Chelsy worked with my husband to guide me through natural pain management techniques, focus and relaxation exercises. She helped me release the tension and anxiety to allow my body to do what it wanted to do naturally. I can honestly say I had a wonderful birth experience, and I owe it all to Chelsy!

We also hired Chelsy for numerous postpartum doula services, for everything from breastfeeding support and burping techniques to help with transition to bottle for back to work, to ‘what is going on with my baby right now?!?’ Her calm presence and guidance was so wonderful to have during the tumultuous newborn stage!
Madeline N.